Webinar: How New High Bandwidth Memory & A/Ds/FPGAs Eliminate Bottlenecks in RF Systems

 “Solving high bandwidth data transfer and memory access in data converter systems.” presented by Bob Sgandurra, Senior Principal Product Manager, Mercury. This abstract and title will be for a seminar that ties into the 5585 and 5586 being announced on 1/24/2022.

Abstract: Today’s high sample rate A/D converters are creating a fire hose of data to be processed by FPGAs. In the opposite direction, high sample rate D/A converters require a constant stream of high-bandwidth data to feed them. And while FPGAs offer outstanding processing power, matching that power to high-bandwidth I/O and memory resources is an ongoing challenge.

In this seminar, we discuss using technologies like high-bandwidth memory, high-bit-rate optical interfaces and gigabit serial protocols to address processing and memory demands in modern military systems, as well as the size, power and thermal considerations for deployment. In addition, we examine how to map these technologies into practical board-level solutions to meet the growing popularity of open standards and specifications like SOSA.

February 15, 2022 –  Customer Webinar 12:00 AM Midnight and 11:00 AM Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5)

February 17, 2022 –  Customer Webinar: 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time Zone (GMT-5)

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