Pentek Quartz Model 5950 & 6001 RFSoC Board Demo

ZMicro ZM3 Mission Computer

Full computing capability in a small, rugged package - This lightweight powerhouse packs in a 16-Core, Intel® Xeon D™ processor, up to 3 PCIe expansion slots, 2 removable NVMe storage drives, & double-wide COTS high-end graphics cards making it the most compute dense, rugged computing solution on the market.

Pentek Educational Videos

Pentek has posted a variety of educational videos are available on YouTube

Pentek, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, designs COTS digital signal processing (DSP), software radio, FPGA and data acquisition commercial and conduction-cooled boards, systems and recording instruments for VME, cPCI, PCI, PCIe, PMC, VXS, VPX and XMC.